St. Joseph County leaf pick-up begins Oct. 23


Leaf pick up in St. Joseph County will begin on Monday, Oct. 23, in priority areas in Penn, Harris and Clay Townships and then work counter clockwise throughout the county.

As in past years, residents can expect up to 3 fall passes and 1 spring pass through their neighborhoods. Heavily to moderately wooded neighborhoods will receive priority.

Residents can register for Leaf Pick-Up at

Residents with lower volume leaves must register on-line by October 25.

Residents should rake leaves to within 5’ of the road or the curb line. Bagged leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, trash, pet feces, branches or tree limbs are not eligible for pick-up.

The week of November 12 has been designated as Burn Amnesty Week in St. Joseph County.

Anybody with questions can ask via email and expect a response within 72 hours.



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