Three teenage boys arrested after robbery of 1st Source Bank branch in Elkhart


Three teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of robbing a bank in Elkhart.

The robbery happened just before 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 24 at the 1st Source Bank in the 1700 block of W. Lexington Avenue.

Two suspects entered the bank displaying handguns while a third suspect waited in the foyer and a fourth suspect waited in a vehicle that was parked nearby, according to a report from the Elkhart Police Deparment.

The two suspects that entered the bank took cash from the bank and ran off to the waiting vehicle, the police department reported.

Witnesses were able to provide a description of the suspects and the suspect vehicle. As officers were responding to the scene they observed the suspect vehicle leaving the area.

The vehicle stopped in the 400 block of West Lexington and the occupants took off on foot.

After a short foot pursuit, officers captured three of the suspects.

Officers continue the search for the other suspect while detectives process evidence and interview witnesses.

Two 17 year-old boys and a 16 year-old boy from Elkhart were arrested on preliminary robbery charges.


  1. There is good in everything! Just think of all the crimes that won’t happen with these kids put away. Also, their welfare payments will be in the way of jail accommodations rather than financing their criminal lives. Lucky they didn’t kill someone this time.

  2. This time…hopefully they don’t go through the revolving felon door and end up right back on the streets victimizing the citizens who end up paying for their handouts.


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