South Bend trying to clear homeless from under Main Street viaduct again

("Homeless" by Daniel Garcia Perls, CC BY-ND 2.0)

South Bend is trying to remove the homeless camp living underneath the Main Street railroad viaduct once again.

The encampment effectly re-established itself this summer after last year’s efforts to remove it. This time, Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s administration started the clearing-out process one month earlier.

The South Bend Tribune reports that signs were posted Friday warning the homeless they’re creating a public nuisance and that they need to move their personal property within 48 hours.

The move comes just days after a ribbon-cutting was held near a renovated building in the former Studebaker complex near the viaduct. The city did approve $1 million in funding this past Monday for construction of a homeless intake center somewhere south of downtown.


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