Owner of group wanting South Bend abortion clinic fires back at “extremely hostile” environment


An abortion clinic will be opening in South Bend, sooner rather than later, according to the owner of the non-profit group Whole Woman’s Health Alliance.

The group’s owner, Amy Hagstrom Miller, has issued a statement saying, as they witness ongoing attempts by the Trump administration to bully and block women who need abortion care, they will be expanding their healthcare work, and that includes opening a clinic in South Bend as soon as they can.

According to the statement, Hagstrom Miller operates independent abortion clinics in five states. The group says the State of Indiana is classified as “extremely hostile” to abortion rights, having passed new laws in recent years to burden women seeking abortion and force clinics to close.

The group has already applied for a license for a clinic in the 3500 block of Lincolnway West.


  1. The Trump administration doesn’t make laws that just affect Indiana. Maybe they should be blaming the governing body in Indiana if they think the laws there are unreasonable. Not everything is the fault of the President and I haven’t seen him bully or block anything yet. Especially abortion in a specific state.

  2. Cause they’ve just got to kill them some babies! Maybe we should talk to them about post birth abortions and see how they feel about that.


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