Ku Klux Klan recruiting card found at South Bend gas station

ku klux klan
(Source: https://goo.gl/EIoRz9 License: https://goo.gl/VAhsB)

A business card used to recruit for the Ku Klux Klan was found at a South Bend gas station.


The card is making the rounds on social media. ABC 57 says it was found by a man who wishes to remain anonymous at the 7-Eleven at Mishawaka Avenue and Ironwood. He found it in the credit card reader of a gas pump.

It advertises the contact information for a member of the National Knights of the Klu Klux Klan.

The Michiana Anti-Racist Collective says “White supremacy is not welcome in Michiana. The KKK wants to purge them from this community and it’s not going to happen,” and they hope to prevent this hate group from gaining traction locally.


  1. The KKK card isn’t the story. The story is why ABC 57 is not releasing the name and address on the card. Why didn’t they try to interview the person who’s card it was? Why was only one card left at the gas station?


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