Luke Messer facing residency questions in quest for Senate, Messer responds

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Rep. Luke Messer is running for Senate in Indiana, though he primarily lives with his family in suburban Washington.

It’s not the first time a politician has lived outside Indiana. But it could complicate his plans to win the Republican primary and unseat Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly next year.

Towering political figures have been toppled in recent years after struggling to explain whether they live in the state. That includes former Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh and Republican Sen. Richard Lugar.

One of Messer’s chief rivals, fellow Rep. Todd Rokita, has already sought to make residency a major campaign issue.

Messer’s family owns homes in Virginia and Tennessee. But they sold their home in Indiana in 2014.

Messer now stays at a two-bedroom house he co-owns with his mom. He issued the following response Friday afternoon:



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