Rokita hits Braun over tax hike he once spoke favorably of 


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita is attacking a Republican Senate primary rival over a gas tax hike the former state lawmaker voted for this year.

There’s just one problem: Rokita previously voiced support for the same kind of tax increase.

That hasn’t stopped Rokita’s campaign from calling former state Rep. Mike Braun “Tax Hike Mike.”

Braun supported a Republican plan this year that hiked fees and raised gas taxes by a dime-a-gallon to pay for infrastructure improvements.

Rokita has seized on that vote. But he previously voiced support for a gas tax increase during a 2015 interview with an Indianapolis radio show host. Rokita encouraged state lawmakers to consider the hike during the interview.

The primary race is a bitter one driven largely by attacks launched by Rokita.


  1. I can not understand that when a person that wants to raise taxes on gasoline & motor fuel there is a hue & cry. Raise taxes in smaller amounts, maybe 2 cents a year for 5 years.
    Our roads are in terrible shape. The Great State of Indiana needs more money for roads & infrastructure.
    Please stop & listen. Look at the streets. If we can not keep the streets & roads in good shape then we need different people to run this department. To get back to my pocket I am willing to pay for better infrastructure.

  2. Infrastructure has been a government responsibility since before Rome built the Apia Way. That being said they are doing a whole lot of things and spending a whole lot of money on things that are questionable. Like the ‘planning’ and ‘economic development’ agencies and corporations that do nothing but propose more grand projects, more spending and more taxation that they frame as ‘opportunities’.


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