Senate candidate Mike Braun blasted for importing goods while critical of outsourcing

(Photo supplied/Indiana Senate Republcians)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Multimillionaire Mike Braun has blamed what he calls career politicians for outsourcing good-paying jobs overseas, while pledging he’ll help bring them back.

Yet when it comes to the U.S. Senate candidate’s own business empire, The Associated Press has found his record falls far short of his campaign rhetoric.

The AP found the former Indiana state representative’s national auto parts distribution company imports goods from the same overseas countries he has criticized for taking American jobs. And some workers have sued, claiming long hours and unsafe working conditions.

Braun is locked in a bitter Republican primary with two congressmen for the right to challenge Democrat Joe Donnelly.

Campaign spokesman Josh Kelley says Braun tries to distribute American-made goods but faces profitability challenges in a global economy.


  1. This is the biggest stretching of the truth i have seen in awhile. I know for a fact that you can only get some parts for cars and trucks from the countrys where they ars made! My husband worked in the automotive industry as a mechanic for over 40 years. This is an outrageous claim to make about any mans company . If you want to blame someone for Mr. Brauns ordering parts from other countrys, Blame Obama and the Clintons. They sold the automotive industry out. So foreign investors offered more help to them .the plan was to kill all jobs in America so they could make a socialist nation! Stop Blaming the maan in the middle.

    • Couldn’t agree more, thank you for telling it like it truly is. Like so many other consumer goods that the us no longer produces, NAFTA sold our jobs to foreign nations, we have no other options but to purchase from a foreign country

    • Heck…I have a Ford Excursion, can’t even get parts from anybody on some items. Have to go to a salvage yard, pull them off and then take them to my mechanic. Most people don’t realize that Ford, GM, Chrysler…etc. can stop making parts for a vehicle 10 years after it was manufactured.

  2. What about the “stretch” of saying Donelly’s “company” moved jobs. It’s a fact that Donelly never owned such a company. Lies Lies Lies. Also, check your history. The auto industry started moving to Mexico when Reagan was president. It was their idea to move jobs there to thwart growing popularity of communism. Unfortunately, the ancilliary industries had to move there also to remain competitive. The Reagan people hadn’t thought about this unintended consequence. My dad’s factory started moving in the late 80’s. He was offered a chance to go to Mexico to start up his company’s factory there. He retired instead. All before the Clinton presidency.
    Clintons and Obama had nothing to do with it. It was Ronnie’s people. This isn’t a secret. Do a little research.

    • It doesn’t really matter who was president at the time. The fact is nearly half of the parts in your vehicles are made outside the US. I own a small business and nearly everything I see is foreign made. Either the US doesn’t make it or, if they do, I Can’t sell it because It’s too expensive. By the way, I went to a Trump rally ladt night. President Trump says Donnelly is lying on his commercials. He says one thing while he’s in Indiana and does the opposite when be gets to Washington. Joe’s Gotta Go. President Trump called him Sleeping Joe.

  3. In my opinion, both of the candidates for this seat are as dirty as the day is long. I don’t trust either of them. Nothing either of them has said has been at all positive or makes me think that they will take care of anyone but themselves. Politics at its finest.


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