IUSB hires company to round up geese along St. Joseph River

("Annoyed Canada Goose" by Smabs Sputzer, CC BY 2.0)

IUSB students are stepping up to protect Canadian geese near campus.

The area along the St. Joseph River is known for being congested with geese. In response, the university has hired a private company to catch geese along the river and release them in LaGrange County.

The South Bend Tribune was told by an IUSB spokesman that not only does Bristol-based Critter Control of North Central’s tactics reduce the population, but the geese remember the bad experience they had in the area and they don’t come back because of it.

To this day, 83 geese at IUSB have been rounded up and relocated to the 12,000 acre-plus Pigeon River Fish and Wildlife Area north of Brushy Prairie.



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