Indiana A.G. Curtis Hill goes on the attack in dismissing groping allegations

(Photo supplied/Indiana A.G. Curtis Hill)

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is firing back at Governor Holcomb, and the media, after allegations he groped and sexually harassed several women, including a state lawmaker.

In a press conference in Indianapolis this morning, Hill blamed the media for a “guilty until proven innocent” mentality in the case:

“We see a media, based on sensationalism, nursed on an appetite for scandal, and fed by social media,” Hill said, adding he wished Governor Eric Holcomb had spoken with him about the allegations, which Hill denies, before calling on him to step down.

“I believe him to be an honorable man. I wish he had reached out to me about these allegations before rushing to judgment.”

“I stand before you a condemned man. Condemned without trial, condemned without notice, condemned without the benefit of any basic rights that ensure fairness,” Hill added.

State Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon is one of Hill’s accusers. She says he groped her at an Indianapolis bar on March 15th. Hill says she later admitted that some of her statements in her accusation were “materially inaccurate.”

“This inaccurate, confidential report, formed the basis for the calls for my resignation. These calls for my resignation are unwarranted,” Hill added.

Hill wrapped up the press conference by saying he was looking forward to telling his side of the story. He’s calling for an independent investigation into the matter.

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Pat Denlinger July 9, 2018 at 11:12 pm

Good for you, Curtis. Stand up for yourself. By not kowtowing to those who wish to smear your good name and destroy your political career, you also stand and defend any other man, unjustly accused, by those who choose to use baseless lies to obtain revenge, or to further their own cause, knowing that in this current time of unrest between genders, due to the actions of a few prominent men, a mere accusation is as good as a conviction…as the media has declared itself the judge and jury, as soon as a woman cries “Abuse!”


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