South Bend pair accused of home invasion reportedly left IDs at home they tried to rob

Robert Baker IV and Delron Patterson (Photo supplied/St. Joseph County Jail)

South Bend Police say two home invasion suspects made it rather easy for officers to catch them.

That’s because 20-year-old Robert Baker and 20-year-old Delron Patterson reportedly left their IDs at the home they reportedly tried to rob.

It happened last Monday at a home on Illinois Street. Police say the two had their guns drawn and started shooting inside the home. However, a woman returned fire and the two fled.

An ID card was found near a vehicle outside of the home that said “Robert Baker”. The man who owned the ID was at a local hospital with a gunshot wound.

Another wallet with an ID belonging to a “Delron Patterson” was reportedly found in the rear of the home.

Both Baker and Patterson are charged with attempted armed robbery.


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