Snyder: Fee hikes important but won’t ‘horsetrade’ for votes


LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Rick Snyder says he won’t sign bills he may not like in exchange for the Republican-controlled Legislature passing trash and water fee increases he’s proposing to help fund environmental cleanup and upgrade infrastructure.

Snyder didn’t tip his hand Tuesday when asked about legislation to dilute the authority of Democrats taking over top offices in January. He said he’s not a “horse-trader,” and his bottom line is whether bills are good for residents.

Legislation on Snyder’s desk includes scaled-down versions of minimum wage hike and paid sick leave measures. Republican lawmakers also want to strip the Democratic secretary of state-elect of campaign-finance oversight and let legislators automatically intervene in lawsuits.

Snyder said he won’t “do a bunch of other things I don’t like so I can get something I like.”


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