Black Lives Matter to hold rally in South Bend in mid-July

Photo supplied/South Bend Police Department)

Black Lives Matter Indiana plans to host a rally from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 13, at the Jon R. Hunt Plaza.

The group states that several speakers will talk about the shooting of Eric Logan, which happened on Sunday, June 16, as well as the actions police Sgt. Ryan O’Neill who shot Logan who was allegedly armed with a knife that was raised at O’Neill, as well as Officer Aaron Knepper, who drove O’Neill to the hospital for treatment after the shooting.

In a news release sent to 95.3 MNC, the group stated: “It is patently clear that black lives do not matter to Mayor Pete Buttigieg, nor the South Bend Police Department.”

The group’s news release also stated:

“Councilwoman Regina Williams-Preston will be a featured guest speaker. She will speak to her efforts with sitting Councilman Oliver Davis in calling for the US Department of Justice investigation to conduct an independent investigation into the South Bend Police Department and for a civilian review board, equipped with the power to hire, fire, and prosecute officers and to help select the Chief of Police. While Mayor of South Bend and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg claims that he has not found a working model for a review board, public records show that Black council members have pushed for a board since 2014.”

In light of Regina Williams-Preston being names as a featured guest speaker at the rally, the South Bend Common Council issued the following statement:

The South Bend Common Council is aware of a press release from an organization regarding a rally to be held in July 2019. Because the names of some Council Members are mentioned in the press pelease and there is a Common Council meeting scheduled for Monday June 24 at 7 p.m.

The Common Council wants to clarify that although some Council Members have expressed the desire for appointment of a Special Prosecutor, no official action regarding the recent events involving the police shooting will take place at Monday night’s Council meeting.

However, Council Members will be free to express their individual views, including a request to send individual letters on behalf of their constituents to the County Prosecutor for the appointment of Special Prosecutor at Monday’s meeting.

During the council meeting, there will be time granted for up to 30 minutes to respond to the Council Members regarding their views and proposed actions related to this matter.



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