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Amazing new foods to eat at the Indiana State Fair

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Livestock shows are a tradition, the Midway offers fun for all ages, and our Heroes in the Heartland are sure to entertain and inspire. But, indulging in fair food is an absolute must when visiting the Great Indiana State Fair. And, once again, with new, wacky recipes and culinary creations, this year won’t disappoint.

New food items featured at this year’s Indiana State Fair include:

The Hawaiian Haminator (Offered by Pork-n-More)

Indulge in a ham and bacon masterpiece mixed with Pork N More’s very own Grand Champion BBQ Bacon Sauce and famous Yum Yum Sauce. Served on a sesame seed bun and topped with provolone cheese and two pineapple slices.

Bison Hush Puppies (Offered by Red Frazier Bison)

Red Frazier Bison puts a new twist on an old-school favorite with their Bison Hush Puppies. Here, hush puppies are made from cornmeal batter, jalapeño and Red Frazier Bison, then deep fried and served with seasoned sour cream.

Buffaloaded Fries (Offered by Urick Concessions)

Don’t miss this jumbo plate of French Fries topped with a blend of white meat chicken, creamy cheddar cheese sauce, buffalo hot sauce and blue cheese. Garnished with ranch dressing, real bacon bits and chives.

Monroe’s Midwest Hero (Offered by Monroe’s Big Dog Diner)

A Hoosier classic! Try this fresh hand-breaded tenderloin with cheese, bacon, and of course Monroe’s special sassy sauce. Top with a dill spear and you’ve got yourself a meal!

Indiana Pork BBQ Split (Offered by Indiana Pork Producers)

The Indiana Pork BBQ Split is served just like a banana split! Prepared in a boat with three delicious scoops of pulled pork, macaroni and cheese and cole slaw. Complete with a pickle on the side.

The Trifecta Hero (Offered by Round Boy’s Concessions)

This drinkable Dreamsicle is a shakeup, slushy, and vanilla shake mashup. Blended together with freshly squeezed lemons, limes, and orange juice, then mixed with homemade simple syrup and French vanilla cream with a splash of water.

Deep Fried Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich (Offered by Urick Concessions)

Gear up for this guaranteed sugar rush! Creamy vanilla ice cream will be sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. Then, dipped in a funnel cake batter, deep fried, and garnished with powdered sugar and chocolate sauce.

Lamb Taco (Offered by Spectrum Catering)

Spectrum Catering’s Lamb Tacos include flour tortillas filled with Barbacoa lamb and served with pico, lettuce, onion and cilantro. Finish off with cheese, sour cream and a side of salsa.

Poutine (Offered by North American Midway Entertainment)

Freshly cut Idaho potatoes fried in Maple Leaf Farms duck fat to a perfect crisp with a splash of kosher sea salt, garnished with cheddar curd cheese nuggets and smothered in a very special Poutine secret recipe sauce.

Cajun Queen (Offered by Bayou Concessions)

Starting with a bed of jambalaya rice, Bayou Concessions adds 1, 2 or all 3 of their famous meats (blackened chicken, New Orleans steak and Andouille Sausage). Next, they throw in grilled onions, grilled bell peppers, melted sharp cheddar cheese and their homemade hot sauce to top off this tasty platter.

Hoosier Hometown Hash (Offered by the Dairy Bar)

The Hoosier Hometown Hash features two hash brown patties grilled to perfection, surrounding FOUR types of cheese: muenster, pepper jack, cheddar and swiss.

American Hero (Offered by R.E. Smith Food and Drink)

This hardy hoagie is made with Virginia ham, salami, and pepperoni, topped with a lettuce/slaw mixture, and covered in a freshly made special sauce. Add a layer of fresh tomatoes and top this American Hero off with slices of American and Jalapeno cheese.

Superhero USA All the Way Pancake (Offered by Meatball Factory LLC)

Start your day like the superhero you are with the Superhero USA All the Way pancake! This freshly made Dutch pancake is loaded with RED-strawberries, WHITE-fresh whipped cream, and of course BLUE-berries.

Shepherd’s Pie (Offered by Spectrum Catering)

This shepherd’s pie is made with seasoned ground lamb, vegetables and a gravy topped with mashed potatoes and garnished with green onions.

Duck Fat Fries (North American Midway Entertainment)

Freshly cut Idaho potatoes fried in Maple Leaf Farms duck fat to a perfect crisp with a splash of kosher sea salt. Served with the quack sauce secret recipe.

Rollin’ Mac Daddy Egg Roll (Offered by Gobble Gobble)

You can now walk and eat the original Gobble Gobble Mac Daddy with this new culinary creation! The Rollin Mac Daddy Egg Roll includes cheesy mac and cheese with pulled BBQ turkey on top. Add a side of BBQ sauce to get the full Rollin Mac Daddy Egg Roll effect.

Bourbon Chicken (Offered by Freund Family Goods)

Kick it up Cajun-style with a Bourbon Chicken Bowl! This dish features grilled chicken smothered in Freund’s super-secret, sweet and tangy bourbon sauce, along with fresh cut broccoli – all piled high on a bed of steamed cilantro rice.

Carmel Coffee Milkshake (Offered by the Dairy Bar)

Creamy vanilla ice cream, caramel AND coffee! This treat from the Dairy Bar is perfectly acceptable for breakfast.

Relleno de Papa (Offered by Da Portable Rican)

The Relleno de Papa includes one mashed potato ball filled with seasoned ground beef and fried golden brown. Served with rice, this treat will satisfy the hungriest of fairgoers.

“Angry” Pretzel Poppers with “Mad” Ranch Sauce (Offered by J. Wilson Group)

These pretzel poppers feature diced jalapenos mixed in a made-from-scratch dough, then rolled in diced jalapenos. These hotter than hot bites are then baked, buttered and salted. This snack pairs perfectly with a jalapeno ranch dressing.

Poutine with Bacon (North American Midway Entertainment)

Freshly cut Idaho potatoes fried in Maple Leaf Farms duck fat and sprinkled with crispy hickory smoked peppery bacon! Garnished with cheddar curd cheese nuggets and smothered in a very special Poutine secret recipe sauce…this is a don’t miss!

Blue Raspberry Lemon Twister (Offered by Pork-n-More)

When the Indiana State Fair heats up, you’ll want to cool off with Pork-n-More’s new TWIST on blue raspberry lemonade. They call this thirst-quencher the Blue Raspberry Lemon Twister.

The 2019 Indiana State Fair will offer traditional fair foods such as corn dogs and elephant ears, but the new food items will be featured in “Taste of the Fair,” a contest that encourages fairgoers to vote on their favorite new fair food item.

Fairgoers can vote at any of the Information Booths presented by Prairie Farms throughout the 17-day fair. The winning food stand will receive a $2,500 cash prize, followed by second place receiving $1,000, and third place receiving $500.

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