Rep. Upton sees ‘legitimate questions’ about Trump


DETROIT (AP) — A Republican congressman from Michigan says he doesn’t support an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. But he has no problem with Democratic-led committees digging for more information.

Rep. Fred Upton told the Detroit Economic Club that “we need to know what the answers are.” He shared the stage Wednesday with Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell.

Upton is the latest Republican to back an investigation of allegations in a whistleblower’s report without embracing the impeachment inquiry endorsed by Democrats. House GOP leaders have aggressively defended Trump against accusations that he abused his power when he asked the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden and his son.

Upton says he’s “not for the formal impeachment inquiry.” But he says “there are legitimate questions that have to be asked” by House committees.


  1. Why doesn’t upton just declare that he is a demonrat, because he acts like one. He hasn’t been a Republican for MANY YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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