Michigan’s opioid overdoses were down in 2018

Prescription pain pills are seen dumped out on a table at Grissom Air Reserve Base, Ind. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration/Tech. Sgt. Mark R. W. Orders-Woempner)

After several years of increases in Michigan, 2018 saw a decline in opioid-related overdose deaths.

Numbers released by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on Friday said there more than 2000 opioid-related deaths in 2018.

Nearly 26 hundred deaths overall were blamed on overdose in the state. The decline from the previous year was 3 point 2 percent, the first drop in six years.

The Department’s Chief Deputy for Health called the news “a step in the right direction,” but said there was much work to be done, especially when it comes to disparities and access to treatment.


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