Clay Fire begins Keep The Wreath Red fire danger awareness program


For the 11th year,  Clay Fire is teaming up with other fire departments across the country in the “Keep the Wreath Red” program.

This year, the program will run through New Year’s Day.

Clay Fire has placed a wreath, which is illuminated with red bulbs, in front of Fire Station #21 located at 18776 Cleveland Road, which is visible to all.

“Keep the Wreath Red” is a holiday fire safety program designed to increase fire safety awareness. In the event of a fire where the cause has been deemed “preventable,” firefighters will replace one of the red bulbs with a white one.

The goal is to keep the bulbs on the wreath red throughout the holiday season.

With the holiday season underway, preparations for family gatherings and parties are being made. The holidays are hectic time, especially with so many guests visiting.

The following are some important fire safety tips that are applicable year-round, but are especially important during the holiday season:

  • Don’t leave any food located on cooking surfaces unattended
  • Keep the stovetop clear of any flammable items
  • Have a fire extinguisher close by; never use water on a grease fire
  • In case of fire, turn off the heat and close the door
  • Always use large deep fryers used for cooking turkeys outside, and a safe distance from buildings
  • Smoke alarms should be installed on all levels of a house, especially by sleeping areas


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