Buttigieg says Oval Office needs wartime veteran


ANKENY, Iowa (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says the Oval Office benefits from the perspective of a commander in chief who has served in the military in wartime.

During an interview in Iowa, Saturday, Buttigieg says his service gives him a special understanding of deployed men and women.

He says it sets him apart from not only his top tier rivals, but President Donald Trump.

He says, “That perspective is needed especially when we’ve got a president who thinks that strength is the same as the chest-thumping of the loudmouth guy at the end of the bar.”


    • You took the words right out of my mouth. I figured maybe he was endorsing Amy McGrath and giving up before he finishes making a fool of himself. Doesn’t matter. BootyJudge isn’t really gunning for the presidency, it’s just to get his leg up to head to the House or Senate, then swing again later after the dust settles. The guy is a joke that isn’t funny.

  1. The obvious choice for the Democratic Presidential ticket to handle hostile regimes is Creepy Joe Biden.
    He can single handedly get the hearts and minds of a populace to love him by simply letting them stroke the golden hairs on his legs while handling bad dudes like “Cornpop” with grace and diplomacy. Stay in your lane Petey , after this over ambitious experiment flops maybe Gary can benefit Mayorally from your failed Democrat midwest city policies.


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