Indiana among Top 10 states to spend the least money on the holidays


With the holiday season behind us, Consumer Affairs wanted to know which states spent the least on holiday purchase, and Indiana is one of the lowest spenders.

To determine which states have the best or worst holiday spending hangover, they surveyed 1,390 consumers on how much they spent on holiday shopping last year and if they felt like they overspent.

Then, they normalized the average spending and sentiment per state. They factored in median household incomes to calculate holiday spending-to-income ratios (the percentage of annual income spent on holiday gifts) and determine the states with the worst holiday spending hangovers in 2020.

Some highlights from Indiana:

  • Average holiday spending: $490
  • Median household income: $59,892
  • Holiday spending to income ratio: 0.82%

To see where each state ranks and to read more information, check out the full study.



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