Elkhart County Jail lobby closes

("Prison Bars Jail Cell" by Jobs For Felons Hub, CC BY 2.0)

The Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office has closed the lobby of the County Jail as of Tuesday evening, and until further notice.

Sheriff Siegel says it’s an effort to protect staff and inmates, and no members of the general public will be allowed inside the jail until the crisis is over.

Family and friends who wish to visit an inmate can go to https://securustech.net/video-products/ index.html to set up a video visit from home. Family and friends who wish to place money on an inmate’s account can go to https://deposits.jailatm.com/webdeposits/.

Professionals (attorneys, bondsmen and criminal justice professionals) will be medically screened in the lobby before being allowed inside the jail. Professionals who wish to visit with an inmate electronically, can contact Capt. Brad Rogers at brogers@elkhartcountysheriff.com or at 574-891-2153.


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