Elkhart, LaPorte on list of places that could have the next COVID-19 outbreaks

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

A list of places in the US where the next outbreaks of coronavirus could happen paints a grim picture for our area.

The list, published in the New York Times on Tuesday, showed Elkhart as having the tenth highest average daily growth rate of new COVID-19 cases, with a number that doubles every 12.6 days.

The Michigan City-LaPorte area has the 8th highest daily growth rate of deaths, with a 6% daily growth rate. Muncie scored even higher with a daily growth rate of deaths at 7%.

The Times used a database of reports from state and local health agencies and hospitals from the past two weeks to compile their data.


  1. There was no doubt that the Michigan City, LaPorte area would start seeing an increase in Covid-19 since the Mayor of Michigan City allowed the large Lighthouse Mall to reopen.
    Now we have unbelievable amount of Illinois and Michigan people coming to LaPorte county to shop. Even our County Sheriff admitted that the Sheriff’s dept. cannot handle the influx of out of towners showing up. We haven’t heard if the Michigan City Mayor or the Michigan City Police are doing anything about so many our-of-towners coming in or if their just burying their heads in the sand.

  2. My God. My daughter and Grandbabes live in laporte. Near Michigan city. Very Near. So many in porter County ignored that covid 19 is still around and packed in the beaches that are left. Wth is wrong with people. Our state should close the boarder and make it illegal for out of state to come in. I’d report them if I seen it. Hell yes I would. Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin STAY AWAY.


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