Roseland wants to know how South Bend plans to exit Motel 6

Indiana National Guardsmen, local law enforcement and civilian personnel, partner together to conduct COVID-19 testing throughout north east Indiana on April 27, 2020. (Photo by Cpl. Hannah Clifton)

Roseland officials want to make sure that the city is ready to move out the minute their license expires, and are calling on them to begin the process of closing it down.

The Motel 6 has been used by the city as a COVID-19 quarantine facility since April when they signed a lease on the building that is good until June 13th. The town wants to know what the city’s plans are to safely discharge patients that are still in the building.

The building has been a hot topic for the community, leading Roseland to hire a lawyer to oversee the issue, and send regular notices to the city about their complaints.



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