Elkhart County Commissioners back guidelines for face mask use

(Photo Supplied/Indiana State Prison)

Elkhart County Commissioners have joined in on the call for residents to wear their face masks out in public. Commissioners passed a resolution on Monday supporting the new face mask guidelines from the county health department.

Those recommendations are that Elkhart County residents wear masks in public facilities, outdoor events, and even in private homes if social distancing isn’t possible. The resolution also advises people keep gathers at less than 50 people, even though the states Stage 4 statues allows up to 250.

According to stats from Elkhart County Health Officer Lydia Mertz, the county has seen almost 11-hundred confirmed cases over the past three weeks. That does not include any newly confirmed cases this week.

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Vivian June 16, 2020 at 3:22 pm

Read the article about Elkhart County Commissioners green about the guidelines for masks it’s just a shame the governor didn’t have enough sense to back all of Indiana with mass compliance of masks being worn I’m sure it would have stepped some of the violence and it’s caused by people not wanting to wear A mask and Probably would help to stop the increase of the Covid19. I’m sure many other people that have been violent because of not wanting to wear the mask I’ve kept there mouth shut and obey the signs if they knew that the police would enforce it I blame the governor for the deaths that have occurred from violence at retail stores because of the mask issue and I’m sure many Others do you are so

George Orwell Jr. June 17, 2020 at 12:15 pm

can you show the scientific data backing up the use of masks? or does it just make you feel good at night to open up a good book, relax by the fire, and put on the old mask one last time before bed?

do some research and find out the negative effects of using these masks (increased carbon dioxide intake, reduced immunity, frequent touching of the mask defeating the whole purpose, and creating a larger nose-like environment for the virus to take root). Also, using the masks that most people have is like trying to use a chain-link fence to stop mosquitoes.

Don’t you think there are better things the cops, sheriffs, etc., could be doing to enforce the constitutional rights of the citizens of this state?


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