Lagrange officials to consider zoning for new commercial dog breeding facility


The County Board of Zoning Appeals is set to consider a request to approve a 100 acre plot on CR. 150N for use as a commercial dog breeding facility that could house up to 100 breeding females. Lavern Whetstone, the owner making the appeal, already owns and operates a breeding facility at a nearby property where he raises bulldog puppies.

Whetstone says the new facility would actually be a downsize since he would be merging with a business partner, and between the two they would have fewer breeding dogs. A neighbor tells The News Sun that currently Whetstone’s puppies are sold out of state at pet stores in larger cities.

Animal welfare advocates have started a petition that’s had more than 6,500 signatures from around the country. The zoning appeals board will vote on the matter Tuesday, July 21st.


  1. Typical Puppy mill. The dogs are treated as livestock. No matter what Whetstone says, this is a puppy mill through and through. Absolutely no regard for the “breeding females”. Disgusting practice. LaGrange county is known for this. Now is the time to reverse the trend. The county commissioners need to do the right thing and vote this down.

    • Agreed! I called and sent letters to the board for tonight’s meeting. I for their turned down and also that they don’t go “underground” if denied.


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