10 year prison sentence recommended for ISIS supporter from Elkhart

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

Federal prosecutors are recommending a 10-year prison sentence for a woman from Elkhart who pleaded guilty to financially supporting ISIS.

One of the accusations against Samantha Elhassani is that she filmed a video teaching one of her children to use a suicide belt to kill American soldiers, according to WSBT.

Prosecutors also say Elhassani tried to mislead family and friends about her ownership of Syrian slaves.

Elhassani will be sentenced next Thursday at the federal courthouse in Hammond.

10 years is the the maximum sentence Elhassani can get.


  1. Treasonous snake. If she were a US soldier captured by Isis she would have been raped and beheaded. A position as an Isis supporter she would have agrees with. 10 years is far to light.

  2. When are we going to start applying this logic to BLM and ANTIFA supporters? I think they are worse than this girl by far.


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