Whitmer: Help fight COVID by preparing for flu season


Governor Gretchen Whitmer, updating the state’s COVID-19 response on Tuesday, Aug. 25, called on Michiganders to help fight the pandemic by preparing for flu season.

Whitmer urged everyone in the state to get their flu shots this year, saying the move helps to save lives by preserving critical healthcare resources that are needed to fight the coronavirus. And as she made the request, she received her own flu shot during the address.

She also said wearing a mask will help stop the spread of the flu this year.

Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, the state’s Chief Medical Officer, said the case rate is trending downward in nearby Kalamazoo.


  1. Like…Totally! Like, prepare for colds by taking cold medicine…Its so effective! DUH!! OMG.

  2. This nitwit twit has declared “systemic racism” to be a public health crisis. She’s as clueless as they get, and NOBODY should be listening to her at this point.


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