University of Notre Dame to gradually reopen in-person classes next Wednesday


University of Notre Dame students will gradually return to in-person classes beginning Wednesday, September 2.

University President Rev. John Jenkins made the announcement Friday, stating that after a two-week break, in-person undergraduate classes will resume in stages next week.

In-person instruction was suspended and several gathering restrictions were instituted on August 18 after a rise in COVID-19 cases on campus.

Since then, the number of new cases has decreased substantially.

Students, faculty and staff can expect more information soon on the gradual resumption of in-person classes and staged re-opening of campus spaces.

Once classes resume, many guidelines will still be in place, including asking all members of the campus community to commit to wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, washing hands, completing the daily health check, reporting for surveillance testing if called and limiting social gatherings to 10 or fewer people while observing health guidelines.

You can read the full release in detail by clicking here. 



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