South Bend’s Police Chief and Mayor speak out about weekend shootings

(Photo supplied/South Bend Police)

South Bend Mayor James Mueller and South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski are speaking out about the shooting incidents that took place this past weekend.

Chief Scott Ruszkowski: “Just this weekend, we’ve already had 4 people shot. One being an innocent 7-year-old girl, playing at a birthday party. We’re almost at 100 people criminally shot this year. As a community, we can no longer accept this senseless violence and we all have to do our part.

I have extra patrols, detectives working nearly 24/7 to solve these crimes with no one speaking up, the Strategic Focus Unit is working every angle to get in front of this to prevent these careless acts and lawless behavior. I have our officers and dozens of community leaders, especially SAVE, reaching out and pleading for this to stop.

Life doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be like this, but in order for it to stop, our community has to say and do something. These shootings can be avoided well before becoming a police matter. As a community, we must make this our mission.” – South Bend Police Chief, Scott Ruszkowski

Mayor James Mueller: “I was shocked to hear that the life of an innocent child was cut tragically short by senseless violence,” said Mayor James Mueller. “This is simply unacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue in our city.

We must unite together as a community to break the cycle of violence and seek justice through our legal system.

Please reach out to the St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit at 574-235-5009 or South Bend Police Department detectives at 574-235-9263 if you have any information on the perpetrators of these violent acts.”


  1. Supersize, Supersize. It’s not only large democrat run cities that have a violence problem. It can also come to mid-size and smaller democrat run plantations. When you appease thugs you get more thuggery. Now a little girl has been killed by a so called “drive By” killing. I don’t think these are random killings. I think they are targeted by someone with a beef with someone at that address.

    Come on Man, chief and mayor. Your rhetoric is pretty weak when it comes to stopping bullets. Anarchy is coming and you two are woefully unprepared to face up to it.

    • You don’t expect the Mayor to tell the truth about the constituency that got him elected, do you? The other part of the equation is that you’ll never be able to fix the problems if you can’t speak openly about the problems.

      South Bend will never improve.

  2. If the people in these neighborhoods never see anything or won’t say anything…stop sending in the police and ambulances to save there dumb as%! Seems obvious to me these people don’t want the violence stopped. Black lives don’t really matter to black people just like I thought all along.

    • if there are gangs targeting your community, do you really think the police are going to be there once you rat someone out? although it would be nice if you could report what you know and the police could monitor your whereabouts 24/7 with protection, but that’s not the way it is.
      just so you know, most black people don’t agree with BLM or their mission.

  3. Well you see it in the news every day or I should say DON’T see it . Black on Black violence is not news it is just statistics ( It does not fit the narrative/lie we are being force-fed ) . This whole racial justice BS is just that BS. The real problem is in the community and the culture not anything else. The best way to end this crap is shoot back and narc the hell out of the people doing it. This literal getting away with murder week in and week out has been old for months now. It is bad enough in Chicago 100 miles away it is totally unacceptable right at home.


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