Donations of deer meat being accepted to help feed the hungry

Deer season is approaching in Indiana. As such hunters are eager to get their hands on some fresh deer meat.

But, sometimes you get your fill and you have some meat leftover, or you don’t want any of the meat at all. Hoosiers Feeding The Hungry executive director Deb Treesh suggests donating any deer meat you don’t want to help feed struggling families.

“We try to get the hunters to donate deer to local processors,” she told Indiana Outdoors. “The processors will grind it up and it up in one to two-pound packages. We pay the processing fee and all that meat goes to people who are in need.”

Treesh said they are able to pay those processing fees through the Sportsman Benevolence Fund from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

“This year especially, there’s a lot of people that need food, because of the whole COVID and us being shut down and everything,” Treesh added. “These are families that just need a little bit of help for a little bit of time until they get back on their feet.”

She said this year is especially challenging with many people still dealing with struggles brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Treesh said any protein-based foods, like deer meat, are the hardest types of food for food banks to come by.

Treesh said the average deer that hunters kill will account for about 200 meals worth of meat. To figure out where you can find a meat processor that takes in donated deer meat, visit

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