Mayor Roberson proposes downtown Elkhart based county court complex/city public safety building

(Photo supplied/Rod Roberson for Mayor)

Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson is throwing a new proposal at commissioners that would consolidate the county courts into downtown Elkhart. While County Commissioners have been adamant that the courts in Goshen and Elkhart must merge into one building, they hadn’t consider picking one of the downtown areas as the new site.

The plan with the most traction, thus far, has been a new building near US 33 and CR 17.

The new proposal wouldn’t just consolidate county courts, it’s also  designed to also create a new space for the city’s public safety divisions; which have each severely outgrown their current locations.

The Elkhart Truth reports the building would cover multiple blocks when including a parking garage joined by skyways. A consulting firm hired by the city suggests the new play could save the city and county about $17 million.

Read more here with The Elkhart Truth


  1. You can build all the buildings you want to build. But until their is more training and investigative skills taught. Nothing will change. If you want a good apple you go to the tree, and stop taking polluted apples from the barrel.
    Crimes have gone decades unsolved because of the lack of training and I hate to use the term, but it is warranted in this case. Corruption that has festered in the department for years is still ongoing, and needs to be stopped.


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