Sen. Braun: Vote to fill Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court should happen before election

(Photo supplied/Indiana Senate Republcians)

The vote on the Supreme Court Justice who fills the spot of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg should happen before the election, says Indiana Republican Senator Mike Braun.

In a conference call Tuesday morning, Braun was asked how Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee being blocked in 2016 is different than now.

“I think it makes a big difference when the whole procedure lines up. That would be the vindication of the most recent election. In that case, you had President Obama who was a Democrat and then you had a Republican-controlled Senate, so that’s a different context,” said Braun.

President Trump has said he will make a nomination on Saturday. He could appoint Judge Amy Coney Barrett of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. She is also a law professor at the University of Notre Dame.

“I’m going to be highly in favor of Barrett being the nominee because I think she brings an impeccable judicial record into play,” said Braun.

Whoever the nominee ends up being, Braun hopes that person pays attention to the Constitution. He wants that person to interpret, not legislate.

Hoosier voters gathered outside Senator Mike Braun’s office Monday to ask him to wait until after the presidential election to fill Ginsburg’s spot. Although he disagrees with that, he appreciated hearing their viewpoint.

“I think that is perfectly fine. I’m a big believer in peaceful protesting. I like it when either side is more engaged. We, as your representatives, need to hear the full story. That’s the way the system should work. So, I’m okay with that,” said Braun.

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