Muncie mom, daughter battle over Donald Trump yard sign


A Muncie mother is accused of hitting her teenaged daughter during a fight over a Trump sign in the front yard.

Police were called to Brandalynn Turner’s house by her daughter, who said her mother had hit her. She said her mom grabbed her by the hair and started fighting with her as they argued about a Trump sign in the yard. She accused Turner of also scratching her on the neck.

Turner told police that her daughter got upset about the sign and began yelling and cussing. She said she did grab the girl by the hair and that she had put her in a headlock.

She said her daughter was the one that hit her, but police say they did not see a mark on Turner. However, the girl had markings on her neck.

The Muncie Star Press says that Turner was arrested, and accused of domestic battery.


  1. I love my kids, but if they were being disrespectful im busting their butts, it show’s the respect that our kids today have for parents, but i did raise my kids to stand up for their beliefs..


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