Indiana posts highest daily COVID death total in months

(Indiana Coronavirus Dashboard)

Tuesday, the State of Indiana reported its highest number of confirmed coronavirus deaths in a single day since May 21st.

The state Health Department reported 990 new cases, and 30 additional deaths. Half of those deaths were reported in the last three days.

Indiana’s death toll from the coronavirus stands at 3,484, though with presumptive COVID deaths the number is more than 3,700.

The positive test rate is at 5.8%, Indiana’s highest number in a week.


  1. Why do you never also state the SURVIVAL rate? You are only telling half the story. Why keep the panicdemic going strong?

    Survival is well over 99.5%.

  2. This in not a “daily” number…It is simply the number since the last time it was reported. It could be a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks…All fake news as usual!


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