Study sheds unfavorable light on proposed downtown Elkhart county courts merger proposal

("Court Gavel" by Best Law, Public Domain)

A study into Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson’s proposed downtown Elkhart all incorporated County Courts/City Public Safety Building does not look good. The study by PMSI Inc found little savings by combining the projects and determined that there was significant financial risk within.

The City of Elkhart continues to look for an answer to its growing public safety infrastructure issue, and while county officials have insisted the court systems must be consolidated, it has yet to make any final plans. Mayor Roberson, when he presented the plan, estimated the downtown option could save around $17 million, but the study lowered that number to just over $2.5 million, and detailed a possible $16 million loss with delays and additional construction.

PMSI is under contract with county commissioners as they study various options for the pending court merger.

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