President Trump calls South Bend “Indiana’s Most Unsuccessful City by far”


President Trump has called The City of South Bend, “Indiana’s most unsuccessful city.”

The president made the statement in a Tweet on Sunday morning, Nov. 15, while criticizing former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg and Fox News, where Buttigieg has made several appearances on Fox News during prior to and after the election.


  1. Hopefully Joe doesn’t pay any attention to Pete. He’s a complete empty suit. Just a sycophant hanger-on. A phony. What happened to the family he posed with in his advertising when he was unsuccessful in running for state office?

  2. As usual, the President is spot on. High crime, taxes. Little Chicago. Fortunately I left couple decades back. Pete is a total loser, like Parent was.

  3. South Bend is awesome! Pete was the best thing for our city in a long time! Better than the last two trash governors Indiana has had! So all things considered Pete did a great job! You conservatives and Trumpty Dumpty Drones are just jealous Pete knows his facts and puts you a$$ hats in your place! EADAC!

    • Best troll account ever, or most clueless post ever. It’s a testament to your ability that I’m not sure which position is the true one. Well done!


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