Study: Coronavirus touches 10%+ of Hoosier population


A research team from the Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI says it estimates the number of Hoosiers who have been infected with coronavirus at some point has reached 10.6% of the state’s population. That’s up from 7.8% in October.

“We are very, very far away from the approximately 70% needed to achieve herd immunity,” said Nir Menachemi, lead scientist on the study. “Without a vaccine, if infections continue to rise in Indiana, so will the death toll.”

He says the number of infections among younger Hoosiers is increasing, which quickly translates into more infections — and deaths — among older Hoosiers.

The study also shows more than 40% of individuals infected with COVID-19 are asymptomatic or show no signs of the disease.


  1. That’s misleading. Of course the more that get the virus, the more will die. Brilliant!! But the good news is that the death rate is going down! Quit fear mongering. If you want to get help nature’s way, by herding, then 70% must get the virus. That is the best way to rid us from this virus.


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