Michigan considers new marijuana taxes

("Grape Crush, Indica-4" by Dank Depot, CC BY 2.0)

Regulators in the State of Michigan are proposing new taxes on Marijuana.

These include a 3% excise tax on medical marijuana sales, and a 1.5% tax on all business-to-business transactions. MLive reports that proceeds from the medical sales tax could generate nearly $12 million per year based on the pace of medical sales in December.

No estimates have been released on how much additional revenue the proposed inter-business tax would generate, but expectations are that it would be substantial.


  1. Ha Ha Ha! Their only considering just how much money they can steal from weed smokers. They are definately going to tax it as much as possible. It is understandable for sure. It takes a lot of money to make people stay home and lose their businesses all the while keeping Gretch on TV so she can let everyone know she is their master. God I’m glad I dont live in Michigan!

  2. “Sin” taxes are abhorrent. Taxes should be used to fund the government, not to control behavior, and they should always be borne equally by EVERY citizen, not rest on the backs of a few people with an unpopular habit.


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