Whitmer putting kids back in the game for contact sports in Michigan


Governor Whitmer announced Thursday afternoon that contact sports can resume in Michigan on Monday, Feb. 8, as long as masks are worn.

If masks can’t be worn, athletes will have to undergo regular COVID testing.

The decision lifts a ban that started on November 18.

Whitmer said “our numbers are now in a place where we can allow our kids to get back in the game.”


  1. Numbers are the same as last year BUT NOW IT’S OK?
    Wow what would she do if Trump was still in?
    How in the world can she sleep at night? Oh that’s right she has no conscience or morals.

  2. Why are we allowing bureaucrats to order us how to live our lives!??!! These “edicts” are not “laws”!! Tell these Nimrods to pass legislation or leave us alone!!!


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