Niles police investigating two incidents of lewd behavior and stranger danger

("Police Blue Lights" by Ken Hawkins, CC BY 2.0)

Police in Niles are investigating reports of indecent exposure and “stranger danger” on Wednesday.

In the first incident, around 2:30 pm, a man in his 50s reportedly driving a silver vehicle made sexual comments to a 25 year-old woman, and exposed himself to her. When she walked away, he drove off. This happened in the 900 block of Michigan Street.

The second incident was about a half-hour later in the 1400 block of Hickory. A man said to be in his 20s driving a silver vehicle asked an 11-year-old girl if she needed a ride and told her to get in the car, according to police. The girl said no.

It’s not known if the incidents are related but the investigation is underway.


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