Some Indiana hospitals feeling the effect of the pandemic baby boom


With so many Americans at home during the pandemic, there’s been more than enough opportunity to add a new member to the family.

It’s the coronavirus pandemic baby boom, and one Indiana hospital is feeling the full force of the boom.

Community Hospital North has delivered more babies than any other hospital in the state, with the hospital seeing a 30-percent increase in birth over last January. The hospital expects 500 new babies in March alone. But as great as a new life is, pandemic births are beginning to show negative side effects on new Hoosier moms.

Dr. Rachel Riley, an OBGYN specialist at Community Hospital North, tells WISH-TV that many new moms are seeing an increase in high blood pressure and preeclampsia.

“A huge uptrend in blood pressure issues,” Dr. Riley tells WISH-TV. “I do not know if that’s specifically related to the pandemic or diet or lifestyle.”

Not only do new moms have to deal with blood pressure concerns, but also the coronavirus itself. To try and combat this issue, many doctors are using a system of virtual and in-person appointments.

“It has been really beneficial for patients, for those that work or those that have issues taking time out of their schedule,” Dr. Riley explains.


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