City launches new business growth program, Scaling Up! South Bend


The City of South Bend has opened applications for a new program aimed to help grow local businesses.

Scaling Up! South Bend is a three-month entrepreneurship program paired with subsidized commercial space designed to scale small, product-based businesses to success.

Businesses that complete the program will also become eligible for commercial space at Sibley Center, a multi-tenant business space, through the end of 2021.

The Department of Community Investment is partnering with 37 Oaks University to administer the program, which will focus on recruiting business owners who currently sell a product part- or full-time and want to strengthen their business model and scale up.

Applications are being accepted now through March 12, and can be found at


  1. From the webpage:

    “This program will focus on recruiting diverse business owners”

    And there it is! If you aren’t “diverse”, don’t bother applying. Is this the “systemic racism” I always see the left complaining about?


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