FBI: Whitmer kidnap plotters attended BLM rally to protect protesters

"Black Lives Matter Rally" by sierralupe, CC BY 2.0

Some of the men accused in a plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor attended a Black Lives Matter rally, to protect protesters from the police.

That’s according to the FBI, who say a number of armed Michigan “militia” members were at the May 30 rally in Detroit.

Court testimony was heard last week in three members of the Wolverine Watchmen charged with terrorism in the Whitmer case. An FBI Special Agent questioned whether the motive was to defend protestors or attack the police in the case of violence.

There’s a question about whether the militia members were there to respond against law enforcement if they shot at BLM protesters.


  1. Those of us who have been paying attention have known the wannabe kidnappers were leftists since that first week, when the pictures of one of them posing in front of the anarchist flag on his wall surfaced. Of course, the sheeple don’t know this because they don’t watch news, only propaganda.


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