AdvisorSmith: South Bend has highest levels of reported crime for Indiana’s large cities

("Police Line / Police Tape" by Tony Webster, CC BY 2.0)

A list of the safest cities in Indiana has been released.

South Bend didn’t fare well, at all, on AdvisorSmith’s list, coming in with the highest levels of reported crime for large cities.

Fort Wayne was been named the fifth-safest large city in Indiana. The study used data compiled from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics.

Carmel earned the top spot in the large cities category, followed by Fishers, Noblesville and Greenwood.

Berne was named the safest small city. Ligonier is 2nd safest small city. Winona Lake ranked 5th safest on the small side.

(Photo supplied/Advisorsmith)



  1. Shocking! Are they trying to claim that the Democrat policies of preaching victimhood, eschewing personal responsibility, and blaming the police are having a negative impact on crime rates?


    South Bend is a cesspool, and it’s been Democrat dominated for decades. Gee, I wonder if there is a connection…

  2. Drain the South Bend swamp of democrats
    Replace all the judges and prosecutors
    Support the police don’t blame them .
    Start holding the criminal responsible .
    Only Jesus can change peoples hearts
    More money won’t do it


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