Elkhart County extends mask mandate to May 14

(Photo supplied/State Of Indiana)

Elkhart County’s mask mandate has been extended through May 14.

County Health Officer Dr. Bethany Wait says rising cases and hospitalizations and the recent vaccine eligibility expansion have all contributed to the decision. The decision has the support of area hospitals.

There are also capacity limits in place for gatherings and events and other safety measures are strongly recommended.


  1. I have no idea how these orders could possibly be construed as lawful. I travel to Elkhart County a lot, and observe that not many people are paying attention to these fools, anyway.

  2. Another 6-weeks of ignoring the Elkhart County Health Officer. Perhaps the tyrant should actually read the available reports rather than sucking up to Dr. Box and Darth Fauci, Let the Farce be with You! Dopes the county receive filthy federal lucre if they keep the panicdemic going? The state does.

  3. I think it’s well passed time for the people to be allowed to take care of their own health and for big brother to take a step back! Enough businesses have been destroyed by this farce of a “plandemic”!

  4. Oh we have to be sensored too? I thought this was a free country!!! The plandemic is to turn people into sheep!!! You know what you can do with your moderator!

  5. Bethany Wait doesn’t have the authority to mandate masks. Only the county sheriff does. Which he has said from the beginning that he will not enforce any face mask mandates.Which is great to hear. At least we know some people still have a head on their shoulders.


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