Whitmer defends Florida trip to visit ailing father

(Photo supplied/Michigan GOP)

Governor Whitmer is defending a trip to Florida that Michigan Republicans are attacking her with, calling the criticism “maddening.”

Tuesday, Whitmer told Washington Post Live the she’s left the state exactly three times in the last six months; for the Presidential Inauguration, to visit Michigan’s National Guard troops, and the trip to Florida to care for her ailing father.

State GOP officials said in a Monday night statement and a Tuesday morning press conference that she went to Florida — unvaccinated — for Spring Break, despite naming the state as one of the most dangerous for travel.

They’ve called her a “hypocrite” for making that trip, and were relentless in their attacks on Twitter.



  1. Do as I say, not as I do. HYPOCRISY!! TWO-BIT-PHONY!!! LAY-A-BOUT AND SLACKER!!! There aren’t enough 4-letter words in the English language to adequately describe this which. What is wrong with the people of Michigan??? Even my old DI who was an artiste when it came to making up new explicates would be speechless in this case.

  2. A lot of people have ailing parents and thanks to her are not able to visit them because of the ridiculous restrictions she has put in her state. Why do you guys continue to back her?

  3. Slacker06, I mean no disrespect but some may not follow what you mean. The word you meant to use is expletives! In cartoons usually represented by #$?/*@ or some other such usage of the Shift top row keys on a QWERTY keyboard. 🙂 I have only been able to visit my mother here in Indiana in the last month or so. She was in virtual solitary confinement for nearly a year until, I got her moved to Memory Care, to be with others. She does need to be there but in 20/20 hindsight I would have known this sooner if I was permitted to visit. Mark is also correct that many only look at the letter after the name on a ballot, as voters we can and must do better. Look what’s happening to our country. Congresspersons, for all intents and purposes, threatening the Judicial branch with violence if the “correct” verdict isn’t arrived at. Sorry to end with a preposition. 🙂

  4. Tipical demoncrat so called leadership. Again we ask what the hell is wrong with you Michigan peeps?! Why the hell did you ever put this person in office? No wait she probably stole it like Obiden did. lmao!!!!! Michigan used to be a fantastic state to visit but NO MORE. She has run it in the ground. What a disgrace.


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