Electric scooter company charging into Elkhart


An electric scooter company called “Bird” has launched operations in Elkhart.

The Elkhart fleet consists of 50 e-scooters that can be rented for $1 to unlock and 39 cents per minute, plus tax, according to 95.3 MNC’s reporting partners at The Elkhart Truth.

The scooters can reach speeds of 15 miles per hour and can travel about 30 miles before needing to be recharged.

Bird has a local manager who recharges scooters daily and moves them to places where they are most likely to be used, such as the downtown area.

There is also a Bird smartphone app that can show users where the nearest scooter is and how many miles it has left on its battery.

Read more about the scooters in the original story published in The Elkhart Truth.


  1. Idk if this chance or not, I don’t believe in it, bu I applied to manage this companies electric fleet by being the point person to this area/region.
    This company seems to be using contact forms and algorithms to bait & switch people, and then they bring the service corporately. The tech as business model are new but the predatory business practice is not. So typical. May all your scooters end up in the st Joe, respectfully.


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