Governor Holcomb to review future of pandemic-related unemployment benefits


The Governor’s Office has received several requests regarding the future of the pandemic-related unemployment insurance programs. Governor Eric Holcomb offered the following statement:

“I’ve asked the Department of Workforce Development to complete a demographic analysis of unemployed Hoosiers over the past 16 months so I have the best information available to make an informed decision about whether the state should continue to participate in federal pandemic unemployment programs. Part of that analysis is to compare our workforce now versus before the start of the pandemic. Our unemployment rate stands at 3.9 percent, which is near pre-pandemic levels, and our labor force mirrors pre-pandemic levels, when we also had worker shortages. We must concentrate on building the right pathways to match people with the skill sets employers need and to attract more people to join our workforce.

“In the meantime, I’ll issue an executive order early next week that will reinstate the requirement that unemployment insurance claimants actively seek employment and be available for work, which we have waived since the beginning of the pandemic. I’ve also directed DWD to assure we are providing all needed support services for those who are out of work.”


  1. Its about time ! This mandate should’ve been reinstated months ago, I personally know of people who have small businesses out of their residence and are filing for unemployment and are scamming the Government with all these extra benefits. Its looking like a garage sale along our industrial areas with all the help wanted signs, and restaurants are not able to stay open due to the lack of workers and quality of food and service is declining .

  2. Restaurants and fast food chains are cutting hours of operation because they can’t get help. “Enhanced” unemployment is approaching $1000/week, runs through September, and doesn’t require you to be fired. You can work 1 day and quit, then get a free $52k salary for months.

    It’s very hard for employers to compete with that. Even worse, it seems to have been done intentionally for some reason… *cough*tocrashtheeconomy*cough*

  3. You can’t imagine how much I don;t care what Holcomb says, thinks, or does. He is a buffoon and a RINO fool. he is a nullity. He fails to protect liberty. He is a tyrant with a sonorous voice that should be roundly ignored by everyone. if he was a pastor you would sleep through all his sermons. When will we elect a true Hoosier conservative that will protect everyone’s liberty rather than play semantic games with us?


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