PHM released updated mask wearing guidance

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

The Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation has released updated guidance regarding mask wearing.

Students, staff, and visitors must be masked while in any school building, facility, or grounds through the end of this academic year.

But that will change for the start of summer school and summer camps on June 7.

That’s when masks will become optional, as long as social distancing and hand washing measures are still in place.

However, masks will still be required on all buses.

Meanwhile, school officials plan to return to 5 days of in-person learning in the fall.

Covid-19 health safety protocols will continue to be adopted based on the guidance from the Indiana and St. Joseph County health officials.


  1. How did they find time to decide this when they are so busy suing Juul for some extra cash? Shouldn’t they be planning to sue Pepsi for marketing Mountain Dew at kids and making it delicious? I mean think about it, why pay school taxes at all, just let them file frivolous lawsuits for their operating costs!

    Back to masks, it’s nice to see schools finally following the science at least a little bit.

    • Sorry but the science say mask do NOT protect you from a Virus!
      The CDC guidelines had that on the website before they changed it because of the political climate.
      As my Dr. said if you can smell a fart it’s not working!!


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