Calls for accountability after wrongful murder conviction case ends

("Prison Bars Jail Cell" by Jobs For Felons Hub, CC BY 2.0)

A wrongful murder conviction has ended with a Elkhart man cleared of wrongdoing, and a call for accountability.

Andrew Royer was wrongfully convicted of murder in 2005 in the death of 94 year-old Helen Sailor in 2002. Advocates hailed the exoneration of Royer on Wednesday, and called for accountability for the police and prosecutors involved in the case.

The Elkhart Truth reports that Royer, who has a mental disability, had served 16 years of a 55-year sentence when he was released last year.

The case was officially dismissed on Monday. Members of the Notre Dame Law School Exoneration Justice Clinic described the wrongful conviction as the product of “gross police and prosecutorial misconduct in Elkhart,” alleging coercion that leaned on his limited mental capacity.





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