This week is “Parking Ticket Amnesty” in South Bend


The City of South Bend will hold its annual ‘parking ticket amnesty’ through Friday. The amnesty forgives late fees on parking tickets. You’ll only need to pay the original cost of the ticket.

Per City Ordinance No. 10471-16, the City Clerk has the ability to hold an annual Parking Ticket Amnesty Day, at her discretion.

The Amnesty Program has saved money for residents and boosted revenue for the City of South Bend mirroring the success of other amnesty programs across the nation.

For more information regarding the 2021 Parking Ticket Amnesty and how to settle your violations, contact the Office of the City Clerk at or the Ordinance Violations Bureau at 574-235-6052.


  1. Maybe a little more time arresting gang members and a little less time writing parking tickets would serve the city well? Oh, nevermind, there’s no money in arresting the bad guys. I forgot.

    Typical Democrat leadership, focusing on the graft instead of the Oath.


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